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Look. Fixed downloads
No more broken links

Ships 4.1.0 Full Release
Ships 4.1.0 is finally out, when many users have used the plugin and not reported any new bugs then i will take the Beta name of it.

Ships 4.1.0 - Untested V1
Ships 4.1.0 is hopefully the Ships 4.0.0 without as many bugs.

Ships 4.1.0 removes the support of MoseCraftCore and replaces it with a built in version of MoseCraftCore that gets data by vesselNames instead of players.

I will admit Ships 4.0.0 was rushed and wasnt tested very well, However, im trying something else with Ships 4.1.0 by releasing these untested versions of Ships 4.1 (the untested versions dont have all features of 4.1 Ships).

For the people who want source code for Ships 4.1, you will need to wait until full release of Ships 4.1 before the source code is released. If you can not wait, then you can always decompile ships to gain the source code.

Ships 4.0.1 no  ... nope 4.0.2 .... 
Changes, Changes and more .... changes. Ships 4.0.1 was ready to be uploaded then a new bug was found that needed to be patched asap, so tried to come out. Then new features came round the corner ... so it all got piled into one.

considering Ships 4.0.0 came out 2 days ago and we are talking about the 2ND major update to 4.0 it seems like a bad start for Ships 4.

I have a few more features i want to add to ships 4 that i know i can, however, ill wait a bit, don't want the title of new update every day.

Ships 4.0.0 pre release and MoseCraft-Core 1.0.0
Ships 4 is in pre release meaning it maybe buggy and will have some features missing from the real thing.

MoseCraft-Core is labed as a Beta meaning it may have some problems for some users (releases also have problems i know).

MoseCraft-Core now runs at the heart of Ships 4 and therefor you must have MoseCraft-Core to run Ships 4. Ships 4 runs on 1.0.0 coding of MoseCraft-Core however newer versions of MoseCraft-Core should be able to run Ships 4.


3.3 prep
i have a feeling no one reads these but still... ill post.

with 3.3 betas closing down soon, i wanted people to have a server enviroment that 3.3 can grow in on every server that keeps up to date.

i also wanted my users not to go though the annoyence (is that a word?) of 3.2.4 'ConfigCreator.jar' and 'CreateConfig'

with all this in mind i quickly created the latest and last editon (hopefully) of the 3.2.x series of ships. with the new config, and the brand new 'AutoConfigCreator'.

minecraft has a scoreboard built into it that map makers can use to display simple things. This scoreboard can also be used in bukkit plugins. Im wanting to add the scoreboard feature into this plugin however I can not read minds (sadly) so I dont know what you guys want the scoreboard to display. The scoreboard can also display something above a players head so keep that in mind.

What do you want the scoreboard to display?
post your answer on the bukkit or curse page for ships.
Open Beta - Online
when the open beta closes it will shut of all betas (bar the first one) ... so get it whilst you can

Craftbukkit 1.7.2 build 0.3 now supported!!!
out of all the hate i give for bukkit changing the expand into main class (messed up so much) i have finaly updated ships to the lastest craftbukkit.

Advanced Ships on its way
i am currently working on Ships 4 (also known as Advanced Ships) -  that changes so much, that im classing it as a different plugin

Happy 2014
how it all goes well for yu guys, for me personaly - i hope it goes much better for me this year

fixed the config auto restart and a few other problems - awaiting approval but download here

Ships 3.2.2
2 versions of ships 3.2.2 - some people reported in that there was a problem with 3.2.1 where the config would restart itself, so i have made a temperay fix in ships 3.2.2. please use the normal ships 3.2.2 because the config error does not affect everyone, and the normal ships 3.2.2 can easily be updated, whilst the config fix is much harder to update.

Ships 3.2.1
Waiting approval.
1 day before my deadline :)

Ships 3.2.0 pre release 5
Waiting approval

Ships 3.2.0 pre release 4

Ships 3.2.0 pre release 3
waiting for approval.
contains furnace rotation bug fix, update checker bug fix, new error code (for detecting errors), and more materials

Ships 3.2.0 pre release 2
now approved

Ships 3.2.0 pre release 1 (
Ships reloaded (Ships 3.2.0 pre release 1) is now out for download, it is awaiting approval, however the link bypass is at the downloads.

thanks for all you who know about this place on the web, you gave me the ability to work side by side with Qx2, i really do appreciate it.

its 11/12/13

Ships Reloaded = ships
yep im now part of the dev team of Qx2 'ships' so all uploads will be placed there.

does mean as soon as comes out on this web site will be completey removed.

oh and if you google search 'ships reloaded' it may bring you to a delete-non approved site on bukkit ... just thought you guys should know :)

Ships Reloaded pre release 1/ 2 are now found as broke
2 out of 5 of my testers said pre release worked fine, so im keeping the links up however im labing them as broke, the other 3 testers had not tested it.

in pre release 1, when you try to move your ship it crashes your client.
in pre release 2, you can not move your ship at all.
pre release 3, same as pre release 2.

im delaying pre release 3 until my .rss feed is working and a found the bug and put a hole in it.

Whats to be done
well ... fix it.
i tested the code only with wooden planks meaning the value will be somewere else in the other values i put down.

Recoded Ships Reloaded Work In Progress
hey guys, though i let you lot know, because it looks like no matter how hard I try, Qx2 will not give me proper permission to use his code, so im doing a complete recode of the plugin.

whilst i update the current code to new features, i will be working on this recoded version, this version (once finnished) will be uploaded to, if they turn me down again, the only person i will blaim is Qx2.

however this recode maybe good for you guys as well, because it will be using my code i can quickly fix errors that are in the belly buttons on my code, unlike i can with Qx2 because about 25% of it is in polish ... if you dont know i dont read polish so google translate it attemping to help. it also means the probelm of this plugin not supporting very large ships maybe fixed (no promisses)

Ships Reloaded Pre Release 2 - The Big Update
Pre-release 2 is now out ... ill admit i have been working on this plugin non stop since Wednesday so i needed a break, so i have added more to the stings table, but ... not much more.

i have also been working with some new code i want to bring into Ships Reloaded that auto checks for updates then tells you on the console, not in it yet but soon to be.

Ships Reloaded Pre Release 1 - The Big Update
back when Qx2 updated the plugin, fans of Ships wanted the ability to choose what blocks the vessels would detect as obstetrical, well the waiting carries on, but i have discovered the code needed to make this possible, and i put it in the update supporting only a few blocks.

check back each day, ill be adding more and more blocks to the 'strings table' each and every day ... until i run out of blocks.

config does not need to be rest, however no harm in deleting the /plugins/ships reloaded folder due to the fact its never getting used by this plugin.

Ships Reloaded 4
fixes a number of rotation bugs (sadly not gates or doors) and adds support of the jack'o lantern.
this version is the first beta build for Ships Reloaded so it means it has not gone though all tests but its gone though a lot

Resolution fix for website
the website should fit ... sort of nicely into any normal screen, problem for phone screens, the 'other resources' tab stretches across the screen, 'downloads' goes ontop of the 'news' feed, its funny to see, go check it out.

only some webpages use this new code though, some new webpages maybe developed very quickly meaning i miss out the new code, i am still used to the old code

Website change
looks ... err ... it has ... more features.

enjoy, whilst i make something better

Config sort of fix - Ships Reloaded
I have sort of fixed the config in ships I say sort of because it does not show all the config, just the important values it reads and 1 line of non read text inside of all the non read text.

oh well, one step closer i guess

Ships Reloaded
Warning this build is a Alpha build, this means it has not gone though many tests. you download at your own risk - however i(mosemister) am certain there are no/very few faults in this build compared to the earlier builds.

This build does work on 1.7.2 with 1.7.2 blocks added

WebSite Design change ... again
This web-site is still under development. some features of the website may not work - and hopefully look much better

Ships Reloaded
Ships Reloaded is under test conditions, when all testers are done with it, the plugin shall be released to you guys