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Welcome to the main screen for MoseMister's CraftBukkit Plugins. Here you are able to access details to MoseMister's upcoming server, gain pre/beta or even alpha releases of upcoming versions of MoseMister's plugins.

Speak my mind #1
My Projects
So the release of my new series (NewEye) came out a week ago with the first in the series being 'Respawn'. The 'NewEye' series is essentially parts of my server that come to the public's use on Bukkit. Now the 'NewEye' series changes a tiny bit of the server feature a tiny bit, removing the links into other features and make it usable to the public.

I'm currently working on another project with someone else who wishes to get into the plugin world. From what I have seen he does well in the things I do badly at. That is all I'm going to say about that project.

Ships has been getting a few upgrades here and there. The public have been really into Ships 5  and I have got a lot of feedback. Someone has a serious bug that I'm checking out soon, if no other bugs occur one week after fixing that bug then I think it would be time to do some final tests and after that, release Ships to the public.

I need some changes to occur to Sponge before I can carry on with the creation of Ships 5 for Sponge, either that or change a lot of the design of Ships 5, this is something I really don't want to do, but may have to. I have put the request into Sponge and a few people have agreeded with this API change but so far, no dice.

The World
So reasently it came to my attention that there will be a exclusive version of Minecraft for Windows 10 users. This version of Minecraft will support HoloLens. HoloLens is something I have been interested in ever since I heard Microsoft were working on it. If you know about the PC masterrace, you will know about its community content, I have no doubt that someone or a team of people will create a 'forge' based mod for this version of minecraft. Athough this version is not built on the same lanuage as the minecraft we know and love. If a 'mod loader' (forge based mod) is created for this version of minecraft and that mod supports Vanilla clients connecting (such as Bukkit, Sponge and Forge) then i would be more then happy to learn C++ and create Ships for it.

I personally am not interested in virtual reality, augment reality is more my thing. I saw the issues with Google Glass and I believe Microsoft fixed the issues seen in Google Glass. I still think there will be  issues with Microsoft HoloLens (probably price) but I can not wait to get my hands on one, even if it is 3 generations out of date. I will get one.

Ships 5 Alpha 1
Ships 5 has had a few updates over the weeks and is now in full alpha for the public to download.

Ships 5 PreAlpha 0.1 news
Ships 5 has been in the works for a few months now and its almost time to show to the public what the new ships has to offer. To gain all the latest features of the Ships being worked on at the time you read this vist here

New website.

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